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About Us

Kadesh Economic Partners, Inc, partnered with Kadesh Cares Corp.

is a non-profit organization developed and founded on trust, integrity, and compassion.

It is a subsidiary of Kadesh Financial Services, LLC.

The founder, entered into a realm of entrepreneurship in 1998 and started a business that provided Financial Services consisting of Bookkeeping, Payroll Services,

Tax Preparation, and Credit Analysis.

A desire to give back to the community was fueled and thus, another divinely inspired move was formed.

Kadesh Economic Partners, Inc. has existed since 2010.

Our community efforts have allowed us to aid many individuals and families all over Georgia and Florida.

We have provided assistance to men, women and children who are in need of

~Humanitarian Aid

~Early Intervention Programs

~Education / Life Skills Training

~ Career Building / Workforce Integration

~Community Outreach Programs


~Social Service Connections

~Spiritual Enlightenment, and

~Mentoring Services.

We continue to deliver exceptional compassion, love and kindness to all that we serve.



Our mission is to serve the people with the purpose to empower the community.


We exist to create a positive change in the communities through education that will mold our leaders of today and tomorrow.

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