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About Us, Project Values and Principles

Kadesh Economic Partners, Inc, partnered with Kadesh Cares Corp.

is a non-profit organization developed and founded on trust, integrity, and compassion.

It is a subsidiary of Kadesh Financial Services, LLC.

The founder, entered into a realm of entrepreneurship in 1998 and started a business that provided Financial Services consisting of Bookkeeping, Payroll Services,

Tax Preparation, and Credit Analysis.

A desire to give back to the community was fueled and thus, another divinely inspired move was formed.


Kadesh Economic Partners, Inc. has existed since 2010.

Our community efforts have allowed us to aid many individuals and families all over Georgia and Florida.

We have provided assistance to men, women and children who are in need of

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Early Intervention Programs

  • Education / Life Skills Training

  •  Career Building / Workforce Integration

  • Community Outreach Programs

  • Healthcare

  • Social Service Connections

  • Spiritual Enlightenment, and

  • Mentoring Services.

We continue to deliver exceptional compassion, love and kindness to all that we serve.

About Us

Project Values and Principals

We can identify several values and principles that guide the Operation Restoration Program of Kadesh Economic Partners:


Empathy and compassion: The program is designed to address the needs of homeless, low-income, and disadvantaged individuals who may have limited education, few skills, and lack of a strong work ethic. The program recognizes that these individuals often come from families who have been on welfare for years and lack positive outlook towards their future.


Holistic approach: The program takes a holistic approach to addressing the needs of the participants. It provides healthcare services, nutrition and distribution of food, distribution of basic need items, education & life skill enhancements, housing, job readiness & workforce placement assistance, post-support services, policies, laws, lobbying, legal litigation law changes.


Life skills and personal development: The program focuses on helping participants develop life skills, including building self-esteem, improving communication skills, emphasizing personal responsibility, and building budgeting and financial management skills.


Job readiness and placement: The program provides job readiness and placement services, including basic skills classes, computer classes, job preparation classes, and emergency service funds.


Substance abuse counseling: The program recognizes the importance of addressing substance abuse issues among participants and provides referrals to outside treatment agencies.


Accountability and monitoring: The program hold participants accountable for their progress and monitors their attendance, punctuality, reliability, and dedication to personal success and advancement. Case managers work one-on-one with each participant to help them resolve barriers and problems that may lead to failure and address personal issues.


Partnership and collaboration: The program have successfully developed dozens of employer relationships and collaborates with various organizations to address the needs of the participants.


These values and principles guide the Operation Restoration Program in achieving its goal of placing 500 men and women in full-time employment within the next three years and helping hundreds of others improve their quality of life.



Our mission is to serve the people with the purpose to empower the community.


We exist to create a positive change in the communities through education that will mold our leaders of today and tomorrow.

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