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Welcome to the 
"Hope District"

Where we are"Building Champions and Changing Lives!"

Residential Model

Kadesh Economic Partners Inc. aims to tackle homelessness among veterans and the homeless in Atlanta by constructing attainable and subsidized housing options. The project will be executed in phases, with the first phase building housing units that meet the needs of homeless individuals. The second phase will focus on creating a mixed-use community that integrates residential and commercial spaces for employment and economic growth. The program will also provide a rehabilitation community that offers job training, counseling, financial literacy, and healthcare services to help residents rebuild their lives. The program represents a comprehensive approach to homelessness by offering a range of housing options and rehabilitation services for sustainable long-term solutions.

Learning, Medical, and Leisure

Kadesh Economic Partners "Hope District" Program offers education, technical learning, financial literacy, daycare services, and entrepreneurial guidance to help participants pursue trades or start their own businesses. It provides vocational training and workshops for trades like construction, plumbing, and automotive repair. Financial literacy training is provided, and daycare services are offered to parents. The program also supports entrepreneurial skills development through business planning, marketing, and financial management. The program's goal is to improve economic well-being and create a pathway to financial stability and prosperity.

Worship Center

The worship service for energy is a unique and holistic experience that focuses on spirituality, energy, and sustainability. It takes place at a center for Spiritual Enlightenment and includes praise and worship, a sermon on energy and sustainability, and town hall meetings to discuss related topics. The center also offers mentoring programs, hosts community events, and works with local officials to implement energy-saving initiatives. In addition, the center serves as a hub for city, state, and government contracts related to energy and sustainability, and is available for weddings and other life events. The service promotes a combination of spirituality and environmental awareness, encouraging attendees to connect with their faith while promoting sustainability and energy conservation.

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